Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

I have to go to court today regarding my condo and I’m trying to look as angelic and innocent as possible. Somehow I don’t think it’s working. I hope my next post won’t be from the county jail!!!!!!! Too bad my ex-husband isn’t alive, he could come and visit me instead of me visiting him. That would be a hoot.

Of course I just read about Denny Hecker’s first year in jail where he spends his time walking around in the garden and playing cards with other inmates/guests. And he asked his attorney for quarters so he can get an ice cream cone from the vending machine. You mean in prison you can get an ice cream cone for a quarter? That doesn’t seem fair. I want an ice cream cone for a quarter!!!

I’m really nervous about this but it will probably be okay. You know I should be wasting my time thinking about important stuff like a cure for cancer, world peace and what is going to happen on tonight’s episode of Revenge. That is such a good show if you haven’t been watching it try to catch up and start watching it — it’s kind of like Dallas meets Cold Case meets Alias. What was I talking about? Oh yeah I remember – ice cream cones.

If you don’t hear from me soon please send me letters care of the county jail.