Does Anyone Have A Comb Without Head Lice?

It’s picture day at work. I hope no one’s mom comes and cleans my face with spit on a tissue. Actually I hope no one whether a mom or not comes and cleans my face with spit on a tissue. It’s one of those things I try to avoid at all costs — that and falling into quick sand, and we all know how much quick sand there is in Minnesota. We don’t call it quick sand we call it pot holes.

I got a call from the vet about Freckles because there was blood in her “sample” I brought in on Saturday. They want to run another test but the tech asked me “Is Freckles more lethargic than usual?” There’s no way to answer that. On the lethargic ladder I’m afraid the next step down for Freckles is comatose. But I’ll bring in a new sample and I’m sure she’s okay because I insist on it.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m going through all the photographs I have so I can have them scanned. It is pretty fun to see a lot of pictures I haven’t seen for a while but if you do this be warned — you will have some funky dreams. Last night I was back at Girl Scout camp singing “I’ve Got Something In My Pocket.” I wonder why they don’t sing that at nursing homes — at the end people could take out their dentures and put them in. That would be a hoot. I guess we now know why I don’t work at a nursing home as the activity director. I’d have them doing the Hokey Pokey until there wasn’t a person in the place without a fractured hip.

Happy picture day everyone.

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