Don’t Do That

your eyes will freeze that way. Love those old sayings your mom use to tell you. Still wondering why the children in Europe liked to eat all the foods I didn’t like to eat. You’d think they’d like some Spagettios or Twinkies now and then to break up the boredom of peas, beans, carrots, and minestrone soup.

I work at home on Fridays and I sat down to work and realized I left everything I was going to bring home at work. I put it on a memory stick and then left it on my desk. So much for “memory” sticks. So I got someone to bring it down to the street so I could pick it up without having to park and go in. As I drove up she threw the stick in the car and said “Go, go like the wind.” I felt like I was in the not-so-amazing race.
Well back to work because we all know that all play and no work makes you a lot of fun, but very poor.