Don’t Look At Me

I got my hair cut yesterday and it is way too short. I look like a pinhead. I’m just glad my hair grows fast.

Last night I was so tired I fell asleep watching The Office and didn’t wake up until almost 10:00. When I did wake up I couldn’t find Freckles. I finally found her laying on her blanket in the bedroom. I discovered why she was hiding. We usually go “out” at 9:00 and poor girl just couldn’t wait for me to return to the living world so she had a little accident and she felt bad so she ran away. She looked so relieved that I wasn’t mad at her. When we went to bed she almost slept on top of me. Dogs are so great.

The weather people are having orgasms over the potential “snow storm” coming our way tonight. They really need to calm down. You know the grocery stores are going to be crowded tonight with people getting provisions. I’ve never really understood that. I mean the longest you may be stuck in your home is a day or possibly two. People buy enough food for a week. We aren’t living on the prairie people. But I’m sure companies like Cub, Rainbow, and Lund’s love to hear about snow storms because they know there will be tons of money coming their way.

It’s almost the weekend. Enjoy it no matter what the weather is. Now I have to go shopping for a warm hat, I don’t have much to keep my head warm any more.