Don’t Look

I have a zit … no one over the age of 40 should get a zit — that should be a law. Where is the government when you need it?

Oh speaking of the government, when Freckles and I were out for our morning jaunt in the park, there was Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the Democratic nominee for governor, posing for pictures with her husband. Of course, Freckles tried to go over and say hi. I asked if she wanted to pose with Freckles to get the beagle vote but she said she wanted the beagle owner’s vote. Obviously she hadn’t seen me dragging Freckles through the park or she’d know this is a dog that has no owner. Her husband said they use to have a beagle so that goes a long way with me.
And then, when we were coming back from the park I was waiting to cross the street and here comes a fancy BMW with the license plate CTU ??? (I can’t remember the numbers). That lucky bastard got a license plate with CTU on it and he didn’t even have to pay extra for it. I have a stupid plate with TCN. I use to have one with CSZ which was close to CSI, but they took that one away and gave me the TCN plate. Oh well. (For those of you not in the know CTU means Counter Terrorist Unit where my husband Jack Bauer use to work.)
My zit and I hope you have a good weekend.