Don’t Sweat The Fashion Statement

I remember hearing on some comedy one guy saying to another guy who was wearing sweatpants “You know wearing sweatpants is kind of like telling the world ‘I give up’.” Well I’m in my sweatpants and I feel great. And I haven’t given up … oh perhaps I’ve been working on my conciliation speech but I haven’t given up yet.

I went to look at an apartment on Tuesday. It was a nice place but there was this little voice telling me “This isn’t the place for you” so I will keep looking. I try to pay more attention to this little voice because it was the one that told me not to marry my ex husband and not to watch The Bachelor — it is a smart little voice. Now the “other” voices are just there to drive me insane. You know they say things like “Eat Beefaroni” “Join the Men’s Hair Club” “Work for Lawyers” — scary scary thoughts. Fortunately a pint of Ben & Jerry’s will shut the voices up for a while.

Hope you have a good weekend planned. I have a long weekend coming up because I’m taking a couple days of vacation so this may mean a lot more days in my sweatpants — yippee.