Drill and Chill

Happy July … can’t believe it’s already here.

Last night Freckles and I were joined at the DQ by Geri for a fab-u-lous evening of ice cream sundaes. Of course, I got there too late for the show. Geri told me before I arrived there was a lady in the parking lot who was picking things up from the ground, tossing them into the air, watching them fall and then repeat. I hate it when I miss the good stuff. When we were leaving there were numerous sticks of gum laying in the parking lot that she left behind, to taunt me that I missed all the action. Oh well, maybe another day.
Prior to the DQ treat I spent two hours in the dentist chair getting fitted for a bridge. Oh what fun that was. When I’m done with this I’ll have about $5,000 worth of teeth. My teeth are worth more than my car — I wonder if I can sell them on Teeth Soup.
In the other room, having her teeth cleaned, was a woman who will be celebrating her 100th birthday this weekend. Wow, being 100 and still having teeth — I’m impressed. Of course I heard her talking about how she fell on top of her walker and had to struggle to get off the walker and pull herself over to the phone. I felt like I was in the middle of a life alert bracelet commercial. And, I reiterate, what an invasion of patient privacy these open dentist rooms are. I also know about her high blood pressure and a few other things that are none of my business. Good thing I didn’t discuss my sex change operation or that poor lady would be on top of her walker all over again.