Dusting, Mopping & Brooms Oh My

Well I have my hat for the winter. And it is winter isn’t it? Yesterday I waited half an hour for my bus. I was so happy when it arrived I almost kissed the driver.

I don’t think Daisy is too fond of cold weather. When we go out she is constantly shaking herself. I may have to buy a coat or sweater for her. She’s so tiny and thin that there is no body fat on her. She is truly a skinny little bitch

This past weekend some sort of virus got into me and I found myself cleaning — no real cleaning. I actually mopped my floors. I know hardwood floors are the in thing to have but if it ever have the money I would replace them with carpeting or I’m going to buy room rugs or Italian marble floors — yes that’s what I will get and then some statues with water coming out of their mouth or other orifices. Actually I could just keep my floors and hire someone to come in and clean. That is my idea of luxury, to have someone come in once a month and clean and bake and cook and give me a mani/pedi. Oh dear, I’ve watched way too much television.

Next week we get a long weekend. In case you didn’t know I will be doing stand-up for the first time in probably 10 years (if you don’t count my Fringe shows) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Here is the information:

Well off to the salt mines.