Early Morning Thoughts

It’s almost 2 in the morning and I can’t get to sleep. Actually I haven’t been sleeping much lately so this isn’t that unusual. I take Freckles in this morning to have her stitches removed and to talk with the vet about her care. Last week I think I stopped listening at some point and I need to ask questions, to try to find out more about how to care for Freckles. Last night I came into the living room and Freckles was just laying there motionless. I said her name and she didn’t respond and my heart just stopped. But when I went over and touched her she moved — slightly. So I picked her up and we sat together for hours on the couch — she just wanted to lay there. Finally at 12:30 we went outside since she hadn’t been for a while and she is now sleeping on the bed. But I just lay there listening to her breath. I’m like the mother in Terms of Endearment.

But I figured if, and when, I get to sleep I won’t have time to write anything before heading out to the vet so I’d say howdy doody — but kind of quietly so I don’t wake you up too.

By the way, Dick Cheney had a heart? Go figure. (You had to know I couldn’t let this one go by.)