Excuse me but I’d like to show you my injury

Truly I’m not giving you the finger (well I am giving YOU the finger — and you know who you are) but I am pointing out one of my wounds from my adventures in assembling a shelf for my bathroom.

It seems wrong that anyone who is 57 years old should have to assemble anything. There should be some kind of law that merchants should have to assemble anything for old and uncoordinated people like me — just to avoid the possibility of maiming yourself permanently.

On the other hand today at work I can show people my owee but really be flipping them off. This could definitely work out well.

1 thought on “Excuse me but I’d like to show you my injury

  1. I am so very jealous you can flip the bird all day and no one will be offended…they will even laugh as you secretly (yet not so secretly) send an offensive message their way.

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