Father’s Day, Kissing, and lowercase politicians

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all. Here is my favorite picture of my dad — well actually I can’t find my favorite picture which is him wearing the hat I crocheted for him one Christmas. He was so happy to get it from me, actually he liked just about anything you would give him. That’s who he was. I wish he were still here. I’d give anything to hear one more story about Hans and Frieda (he would make up stories about their adventures in the woods where almost every vine would become a snake and every stone in the river was a crocodile head) or the story about how he lost his hair (let’s just say it involved a rabbit and a nap he shouldn’t have taken in the woods) or to hear him laugh – oh wait I can hear him laugh when I laugh.

Okay new topic — Go.

Two odd items in the news yesterday. First a Target Field guard apparently saw two lesbians give each other a kiss and he went all biblical on them. I figure this can only mean that “Girls Kissing Girls Night” has been canceled – no wait the St. Paul Saints are going to have it instead except it’s being called “Girl On Girl Night.”

Second, a MN state senator sent a Tweet that inaccurately stated what another senator had just said (notice that I now refuse to capitalize the title of anyone in politics – until they all shape up they are going to be lower case to me). It was a misunderstanding and stupid and there was no underwear pictures involved but how she started the letter gives me the feeling her heart wasn’t really in it:

This letter is intended to be the written apology from me to you indicated by the Minnesota Senate Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct …” Hoffman wrote. “I am certainly sorry for my misunderstanding of what you said and how I subsequently handled it.” [capitalization not mine]

Kind of like when you were a kid and you had to write thank you notes “Dear Aunt Mildred, My mom said I had to thank you for the socks even though they are stupid.” Neither one is going to overwhelm you with sincerity.

Well on to work. Have a good Father’s Day Weekend (see capital letters)