Finally — The Truth

So she did a good job with my hair cut but I’m still pissed about Anne. In fact I should have warned Kelsey (that’s her name) that her time there is limited if I keep coming back to her. Perhaps that’s the problem, they are just trying to get rid of me. I never thought of it that way. I suppose I am so lovely, and have such great hair, that all the other patrons just up and leave because they know they will never measure up to my beautifulness — yes that’s the problem. Well it’s nice to have it out in the open.

So have I told you yet that I’m not going to Chile after all. I’m also not going swimming with the dolphins. That’s life. My nephew Perry said he’ll send me my wedding meal and cake but suggested that I eat it in front of a doctor. Probably a good idea. I am going to a wedding next week in California which I’m really looking forward to. Of course with this hair and loveliness I suppose the poor bride doesn’t stand a chance of being the center of attention, but I guess that’s the way it goes.