Flat Tire

So last night in the freezing cold I got a flat tire. I carry an air pump in my car, thankfully, so I could get a temporary fix. The real bad news was once I got it filled I couldn’t find the cap from the gizmo on the tire where you put the air. I emptied my pockets, where I was sure I had put it, and it was not there. I finally backed the car up and lo and behold it was under the car.

It got me home but this morning it is flat again so I’m thinking I probably need a new tire … in fact I’m sure I need two new tires. Thankfully I’m independently wealthy and unexpected costs … oops I was back in my fantasy world.

Weekend is just on the horizon. Looking forward to spending time with some friends. Not a big super bowl person so I doubt I’ll watch much of it but I am excited for the Glee episode that will follow.