Forgotten Moments

I have a confession to make — Keifer Sutherland is not my real boyfriend — okay that’s not the only confession I have to make — September 11 came and went without me actually thinking about the events that happened nine years ago. It wasn’t until I watched some of the Sunday morning news shows that it dawned on me. I knew it was coming because my company had its picnic on 9/11 and I remember thinking at the time about the day, but on Saturday that thought had gone away.

I remember that a few years ago when 9/11 was on a Saturday or Friday, there was an article in the paper on the fact that people were not getting married on 9/11 so hotels had a lot of vacancies and you could get a good deal on the rental. But I know people are getting married on 9/11 because I saw two weddings on the way home from the picnic. I always want to yell “Don’t do it” when I drive past a wedding party but I try to refrain myself.
I guess we’ve moved on and I have no idea what it all means.