Freckles, Foreclosure, French Fries, Friends — What an “F”ing Day

Well Tuesday could have been a really bad day … first I’m told Freckles has to have surgery again because she most likely has cancer and I feel horrible putting her through this again and even worse is I may have to make decisions based on my income and I really hate that. Then while I’m still trying to work through this Wells F***go Bank (where, by the way the next stage could be homelessness unless you are lucky enough to get run over by that wagon and sue their sorry asses – but I digress) as I was saying, Wells F***go Bank calls to tell me that my application for refinancing help has been refused and I need to pay $14,000 or I will go into foreclosure. Now I wanted to say something about how if I had $14,000 I wouldn’t be in this mess and how the banks aren’t working at all to help people but I realize I was just a schmuck talking to a another schmuck who was sitting there with her schmucky script so I just asked why can’t I meet with someone and discuss other options available but this was apparently off her script and I really don’t know where we left off except with a threat that I would be going into foreclosue blah, blah, blah. I asked exactly what that meant, would the sheriff be at the door or my things out on the curb and in a very snotty response I was told how Wells F***go had rules they had to follow. Yep it could have been a bad day but fortunately I had scheduled a dinner with two friends that I used to work with and hadn’t seen for I’m not sure how long … and I had a blast.

Now here are pictures of all of us at my college graduation party June of 1987 (almost 25 years ago) — Sue is in the stripped jumpsuity outfit and the 80s hairdo; Deb is petting the gigantic dog in the puffy bridesmaid’s dress (Deb is in the dress not the dog although I think Hugo would have looked lovely in that purple satin number) and 80s hairdo; and I’m the one in the new bike helmet and the 80s hairdo and Neanderthal look that drives the men wild. Sue and I were working part-time at the same law firm while attending the U of M and Deb was a legal assistant. The firm had run out of room on it’s main floor and had acquired space from a company called Nuveen on the floor above them so Deb, Sue and I being outcasts of society were put into the Nuveen space and bonded there waiting for a call from the warden with our parole papers.

What I love about getting together with people I haven’t seen for a long time is you get to reminisce and laugh about all the stuff and people we remember but then we get caught up on where everyone is now and it came so naturally. I have a few people in my life that our relationship is almost entirely based on “remember when … ” kind of like Chris Farley’s show on SNL. I can only take so much of that — I need news, fresh dirt, blood & guts and new laughs. And I need cheeseburgers, french fries and malts to go with it.  And maybe next time a waitress that isn’t so snarly — I’ve noticed waitresses with rings in their noses tend to be less friendly then ones without nose rings — I’m not sure if some how our endorphins are hooked up to our nostril membranes and a ring disturbs the mucus level. Perhaps I can get some kind of federal grant to study this — the Endorphinostril Study.

I have to get on that …. more later.