Freckles Meets The Big Guy

“Santa — I know him!”

Well I finally went around the bend — I took Freckles to see Santa Claus. Yep, I’m officially a crazy lady (but not as crazy as the Target lady). It was pet night at the Rosedale Santa station and there I was standing in line with about five other people with dogs and parents with kids who didn’t look too pleased that they had to wait even longer in line because people were there with their dogs.

She told Santa this year she wanted her mom to take her to work with her, a new leg, more rides in the car, and a lot more treats. Yep, I heard her say that — around the bend and over the bridge I’ve gone.

The oddest part – for me – was walking through Herberger’s with my dog. She was so good and walked without stopping — I guess there aren’t as many good smells at Herberger’s as there are outside. She really is such a good girl I should be able to take her anywhere I go like work, movies, dentist, shopping – although I wouldn’t take her to the grocery store. I’d never get her out of the meat department.

Yep, it’s time for Mary to take a long nap — perhaps in a padded room somewhere.

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  1. I thought about taking our dog to see Santa, but then thought if shes as hard to control as a toddler, then NO WAY!

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