Fun in the Sun

Good morning from California. I’m here for work, really, until Wednesday — I have to catch a plane at 6:15 a.m. if that makes you feel less jealous of me.

The highs are going to be in the 60s today. I may actually thaw out from the last few days at home.
I had an interesting plane ride here. The plane was suppose to leave at 9:15. When I finally got through security I saw that there was a delay until 10:20. So I thought I might as well go to the gate and wait. While sitting there the gate keeper announced that the reason there was a delay was because the plane was “broken.” I’m not sure that was the right way to put it but that’s what she said. And they were bringing us a new plane. After that announcement the gate keeper at the gate next to us announced that the plane to Sacramento was being delayed because there was a fuel leak. At this point I’m thinking I would just go home.
Well around 9:50 we get an announcement that the broken plane has been “fixed” and we will be boarding now. I’m wondering if the wings will have duct tape around them or something like that. Well while we are all excited to finally get going the next announcement is we have to wait because the pilot is off some where having breakfast. Oh brother.
Well thankfully other than that the trip was smooth and I landed in all this sunshine and warm weather. Sat outside with some friends yesterday afternoon. That was sublime.
But today I have to work … oh yuck. But I can walk outside and get some sun. Now I just have to hope there’s no earthquakes.