George? George? Where art thou George?

It’s almost Christmas … time to breakout the Christmas sweaters.

Last night I got all set-up to wrap the gifts I have to send today (yes, last minute of course) and I could not find the bag from Barnes & Noble. I looked everywhere. I went down to the garage and looked in my car and trunk — three times. I looked in the closets. I looked in other bags. I looked EVERYWHERE. I decided I had left the bag at B&N, or I put it on top of the car when I was getting in and it fell off, or someone had come into my place and stole that one bag. I was distraught. I sat on the couch trying to decide what I was going to do and then I looked to my left and there it was, balancing on top of the couch kind of tucked into the cushion. I’m glad I didn’t make my 911 call to report the theft of 3 Curious George books and a calendar about beagles.

Remember how tired we were of political ads and stories and then the Target lady? Well that’s how tired I’m becoming of hearing about the Vikings game tonight at the U of M stadium and about the “coming” snow storm(s).

By the way, I haven’t seen her on TV, but that Target lady is now on the radio. Thankfully there is a button I can push to go to a different station. I have a feeling she’s about to return for the after Christmas sale. Oh the humanity.

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  1. I'm not familiar with the Target Lady, unless you are referring to Kristen Wiig on SNL. And I doubt Target would have a real commercial featuring THAT lady. So where do I see/hear this Target Lady to whom you refer?

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