Get Me Out Of Here – Vacation Day 2

They are using a jackhammer on our patio to drill new drain holes and the noise is horrific. You can’t hear yourself think. You can’t hear any music. You can’t hear Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career imploding.

So Freckles and I are out of here until noon, when they promised to be done. I can’t for the life of me find the cord to my printer so I need to go buy one which means I’ll find it sometime later this week.

Other than feeling like I’m having my teeth drilled for hours on end, I like vacation but what idiot wouldn’t? Freckles is out of her mind with glee. We go for long walks in the park, and drive around in the convertible, and sleep in the sun. It’s her vacation too. Of course, she is sleeping right through all this noise. It’s like a miracle of some sort.

Oh yesterday when I was driving to Target this van came around the corner and almost hit my car. It was a bright red van with “LOVE ONE ANOTHER” written all over it. It was part of a youth ministry of something like that. Well the guy driving the LOVE VAN was on his cell phone and was swerving all over the place. Being the delicate flower that I am I yelled “Put down your f*cking phone and try not to kill one another.” Yep, I’m pretty sure I’ll still be here after the rapture on Saturday. By the way — what does one wear to a rapture?