Getting In Touch With My Inner Speilberg

How could I pass up this item at the grocery store? It’s like it had my name and psychological status on it.

And look at the new photo booth option …. ha ha ha. There are a number of new options so I’m going to have big fun. Oh how did I get this new option; I upgraded to Mac Lion from Mac Snow Leopard from Mac Cougar or Puma or Tiger of some kind of cat. If the current level is Lion I’m not sure what the next step up could be — Aardvark. Now that it is uploaded it’s fine but what a pain in the ass. After I loaded it I found out it didn’t support 2004 Microsoft Office so I had to upgrade to 2011. I suppose after 7 years it’s about time but still…

I made my first iMovie this weekend. I heard the song “The Snake” and it made me think of how many women (and men) get into relationships with people who are snakes but they believe some how they are going to be able to change them. And I’m guilty of it too — boy am I guilty. So I took the song and got photos for well known “snakes” such as Mel Gibson, Jesse James, Angelina Jolie and I made a movie of them. It’s on YouTube if you want to check it out. Of course I did this rather than cleaning my bedroom but dust can wait — art has to be released from the artist’s soul, yeah and that’s why I didn’t clean my bedroom.

1 thought on “Getting In Touch With My Inner Speilberg

  1. Where's the Good Mother in the YouTube video? She's bagged lots a tail over the years. There was the car crasher, the baby daddy, the other baby daddy, the new guy, the future baby daddy, the sugar daddy, the one poor girl in med school who thought GM was a guy…

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