Glasses and Classes and Snow Up To Our [fill in the blank]

We had a sunglasse decorating contest at work and I WON … yippee. Who would have thought I would ever win a craft contest. I had to get out my glue gun that a friend gave me and I burned myself twice (remember I once said there should be a 7 day waiting period before you can buy a glue gun). But it was worth it to look like an idiot and win a contest.

I’m also done with my classes. Yippee. Of course now I have to try to use what I learned. It was a lot to learn in a short amount of time (although it didn’t feel like a short amount of time — 14 weeks).

My favorite was Flash — no it doesn’t involve a trench coat. I’m working on a winter scene and when I’ve finished it I’ll post it here. It’s the kind of thing I could spend hours and hours on and love every minute. I may have found something new to do with my life.

And more snow is coming. How thrilled are we about that?