Going Backwards?

First, I want to give a peanut butter toast (get it — people put PB on toast and I’m giving a PB toast — why am I not making millions writing comedy?) anyways a PB toast to Elvis on his 75th birthday.  You sure gave us some fun music.  But I really want to give a toast to my friend Mary on her 4??? birthday.  She’s a great person, a good daughter, wonderful mother, loving wife, and fantastic friend and that, my friends, trumps a dead icon any day.  Happy Birthday Mary.

I heard last night that Jay Leno is going back to 10:30 and Conan O’Brien is going back to 11:30 because the ratings suck.  I can’t blame them … in my life I have a tendency to go back to the way it was when a new adventure isn’t working out.   It is much more comfortable there.  Something to ponder while eating a peanut butter and bacon sandwich and singing “Bossa Nova Baby.”

Thank you, thank you very much.