Going Wild

Guess where I went yesterday.

I use to be a big hockey fan — especially the Minnesota North Stars. When they left and went to Dallas (hockey in Dallas?) I was heartbroken. It was great when Minnesota got a team again, but I never got back into it. Yesterday my company rented a suite at the game for some of our clients. I had a lot of fun. Great food, fun conversations, and I left with a bag full of cookies. What could be better — okay, leaving with a bag full of money but cookies is the next best thing.

There was the cutest girl there — Nora. She was probably 3, blond pigtails, and glasses. And Nora cheered during the entire game. She had on her Wild jersey and she had a pair of Wild pom-poms and she was either cheering or dancing the entire time. I loved watching her. We should all have the enthusiasm and joy that Nora has. She didn’t seem to care if we won (which we didn’t) or loss (which we did). She was in the moment. Her mind wasn’t worrying about the drive home, should she stop for gas, how will the presentation go tomorrow, is her dog mad at her because she left her at home, did she leave the electric blanket on, it’s going to be cold this week, how will she ever get all the work done, when will she find time to go through all that stuff, etc. Nora was at the game. Period. There’s a lot to be learned from Nora.

So I better go. I need to put gas in the car and I have that presentation and there’s those invites that need to go out and …. NORA TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!