Good Morning Butterflies

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sound of air conditioners sucking up all my money, fans in the hallway trying to dry off the carpet that got soaked when the water came in during the storm, and my lungs wheezing trying to breath through the heat and humidity. Yum, yum — life is delicious.

This feels like such a long week despite the fact I had Monday off. It takes a while to get back to normal after a vacation, especially when you go away, even for a few days.
I have to talk about the flight I had to California (and back). I always get a window seat if possible. I discovered this time that you are not allowed to put down the shade during takeover or landing. I have to ask why? Am I suppose to be looking out the window for something. “Hey hold the plane, here comes Andy!” or “OMG all the luggage just fell out of cargo.” or “I think there’s a rogue airline attendant running with a couple of beers.” It’s another one of those stupid rules that make no sense to me.
I still curse the name of that guy with the shoe bomb. I’m watching these little old ladies (okay, I’m one of them now) struggling to take off our orthopedic shoes and walk around in our support stockings. My friend Geri has to be frisked because she had a knee replacement and it sets off the machine. Of course, the friskers have no sense of humor. The woman frisker asked the friskee (Geri) if she minded her padding her bosoms. Friskee responds “Well first you need to buy me dinner.” Frisker just starred at her. Oh well, I guess they can’t show any signs of humanity when we ask them to be machines.
Have a swell day.