Good News

Freckles’ surgery went well and the doctor says she doesn’t believe the tumor is malignant but it’s being sent to the lab just to be sure. She was pretty quiet last night — and it’s hard for her to get any quieter. She slept on the couch most of the time but this morning she seems to be a lot better. Of course, she is following me everywhere to be sure I don’t leave her. If I could only train a man to do that — oh wait I guess that would be a stalker. Never mind.

Last night when I took her out for her evening toilette, I found out that one of my neighbors’ dog passed away a couple of days ago, she just died in her sleep. Trudy was 10 and the sweetest Golden Retriever. I felt so sad and Trudy’s mom was really sad. I’m glad my little girl is doing well.
Today I get my new bed. I’m excited. I pulled everything out from under my bed last night and I found a pair of socks, 3 dryer static sheets, a pretzel, a dog treat, and Jimmy Hoffa. I wonder where I’d put him. TGIF.