Goodbye June, Hello Winter, and What’s Her Name

My goal this morning is to remember to bring my winter coat to work so I can get the zipper fixed. It broke last year but I couldn’t take it in to be fixed because, well it was too frickin’ cold and I needed my coat. I just remember this a couple of weeks ago and have since been determined to take my coat to the Sew What in the Skyway by my office but have yet to follow through. It is one of those things I think about when 1) I’m in the car miles away from home; 2) on the bus miles away from home; 3) in the shower; 4) falling asleep; or 5) when I pass by the Sew What in the Skyway by my office. Today I thought about it in the shower — that and trying to remember the name of the fourth woman on Sex & The City (I can always remember Miranda, Samantha, and Carrie but always forget Charlotte which is understandable because she is the character who is the least flamboyant.)

This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I had a “person” or a “wife” or someone to see to my little tasks. I could simply call them and say “Don’t forget to get my winter coat fixed” and voila it would be taken care of.
I want to be sure to say RIP to Barbara Billingsley. The mother of Beaver Cleaver and the woman who spoke jive on Airplane she brought a lot of smiles to the world. Of course, her best line will be “Ward, don’t be so hard on the Beaver.” That still brings a smile to the face.