Goodbye Michael Scott

I have been watching The Office since it first came on TV, 7 seasons ago. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. Well tonight Michael Scott leaves the show and I’m really kind of sad. It will be a big hole in the show and I’ll be interested to see how good the show is without him. But, it is what it is. (I crack myself up.)

This morning I turned on the Today show and there is that blasted wedding crap again. There are storms going crazy in the South and still we have to see this extravaganza of crap-o-la. Well it’s almost over. Perhaps when we find out who designed the wedding dress we can move on to real important things like President Obama’s birth certificate and elementary school grades.

I miss Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley — you know real news people.

Here’s my thought for the day — when Katrina hit New Orleans there were all these holy rollers saying that it was God’s retribution for the sinful ways of the people there. So why aren’t they out there screaming now. I think this must be God’s retribution 150 years later against Arkansas for the Civil War. I mean I figure this horrible winter has been God’s retribution against Minnesota for Michele Bachmann.