Goodbye Nancy, Thanks For Stopping By

I would have made a great teacher/nun with that look, except I’d have to replace the grin with a scowl. I’ll work on it. Sarah Palin is going to be in town to help out Michelle Bachman and if that doesn’t put a scowl on my face nothing will.

I’m thinking today about a friend of mine from high school, Nancy Benjamin (Belpedio) who passed away from breast cancer (I hate breast cancer’s guts). I was told of her illness just last week by another high school friend. I haven’t seen Nancy since I graduated. I knew her from Job’s Daughters (a Masonic organization I belonged to which is a whole other story). I remember Nancy was the DeMolay Sweetheart (kind of a beauty contest thing) and was so beautiful. I was jealous of her tiny body and long blond hair — I had a not so tiny body and frizzy, curly red hair. But thinking of her, what I truly remember is she was funny, kind, smart, and incredibly nice. She was one of those people who was beautiful on the inside and outside and she never had that “I’m gorgeous” attitude.
Even though I haven’t seen her for a long, long time I know my life was enriched by her way back when. Thanks Nancy for stopping along the way and sharing part of yourself with me.