Great Line From “Monk”

“I was born naturally but I was raised cesarean.” I love that line. Saw it on a repeat Friday night. I miss that show. Even though at times you’d have to roll your eyes at some moments, it was always fun to watch.

There are some great shows on now. My five favorites:

1. The Middle
2. Big Bang Theory
3. The Office
4. Criminal Minds
5. Harry’s Law (new show — it’s fantastic)

I am, however, not as wild about Criminal Minds as I use to be. They are letting two of my favorite characters go — JJ and Prentis — and it has moved away from the psychological aspect to more and more violence. I hope they can recapture the original intent. I also like Project Runway and Modern Family.

If I could bring back five (recent) shows I’d bring back:

1. 24 (duh)
2. Monk
3. Flash Forward
4. West Wing
5. Homocide – Life on the Streets / Law & Order (the original) — it’s a tie. (Hey it’s my game I can make or break the rules if I want.)

If I could bring back five “classic” shows I’d bring back:

1. Carol Burnett
2. The Muppet Show
3. Golden Girls
4. Cheers
5. Mary Tyler Moore

How about you? What shows do you love and miss?

2 thoughts on “Great Line From “Monk”

  1. I didn't know Prentiss was also leaving the show. They should drop Rossi and bring the girls back. You know what I appreciate about CM? The characters aren't trading around sex. I would like to see the uncensored Smothers Brothers back on somewhere, as a comedy/variety.

  2. I want Andy Griffith….back when life was simple. I too did not know Prentiss was being oft. Like you, I love that show but it is getting more and more violent. When Penelope is gone, so am I.

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