H1N1 Now’s The Time To Have Some Fun

Today I get my H1N1 shot or snort — not sure which one.  Of course this comes about six months after every network virtually guaranteed that I was going to get the H1N1 (aka swine) flu and suffer and/or die but that’s too bad because there’s not enough vaccine for me.  I saw images of people standing in long lines to hopefully get a share of the sacred serum.  There were pictures of children cringing and screaming as they were shot or mists where shoved up their noses.  And I waited to either hear that I too could have a shot or to get the flu and see what happens.  I made arrangements with friends for my dog if I was so sick I couldn’t take care of her.  I totally bought into the hype and nothing happened.  Nothing happened to me or any of my friends.  We had one or two people at work who did get the flu but there was no pandemic or epidemic … just a hypidemic.  Now, the message is the shot is available for everyone so get one.  Part of me wants to just say thanks but no thanks but then I think, well I might as well.  So, yes I’ll get the shot/snort today but I’m afraid the next time I hear about an impending doomsday disease, it will be a hard sell.  Now, hit me with your best shot.