Hail Caesar Salad

This is my “Whatcha talkin’ about Willis” look. If you don’t know what that means … you are much younger than me.

Last night had dinner with Peter, Sue and Myrna (aka as Sue2) and as usual it was a lot of laughs and kind of odd. There was a lot of discussion about what is and isn’t in a Caesar salad and how long a place will keep egg salad before tossing it out. Peter wanted a mushroom and cheese sandwich but never asked for it — last night it didn’t sound so bad but this morning it turns my stomach. He never did ask for the sandwich. Sue still doesn’t have a microwave and forgot to tell us the chopsticks story. But the night belonged to Myrna and the stories of her in-laws who are currently living with her. Yikes, if I were her I’d have tossed them out on their ears by now. I keep watching the news for stories of “disturbances” in the northern suburbs.

This morning when I woke up “Secret Agent Man” was playing on the radio. When the song first came out I thought it was “Secret Asian Man” and thought that was so stupid because how could someone be secretly Asian.

And finally, Minnesota republicans — RICK SANTORUM, really???  He has all the appeal of mushroom and cheese sandwiches in the morning.