Hair Good; Government Bad

Now this is what I’m talking about. Amber at Spalon Montage did a great job — thanks. And OMG the chairs you lay back in when you get your hair cut are massage chairs. So my back is being massaged and Amber is massaging my head and I should be totally relaxed but all I can think is “I don’t belong here.” Oh well, I can probably get use to it. I do like the haircut.

So Minnesota is closed. I wonder if that means we all have to pack up and move to other states. What a bunch of babies over there in St. Paul. They are so busy playing politics that they don’t care how many people they hurt while they dig in their heels. I have to admit, I don’t understand why the richest people in Minnesota can’t pay an extra 2%. Most of them have so many tax loop holes that it will hardly effect them. — Okay I’m off my soap box but come on people!

I am spending the weekend finishing writing my Fringe show — really I am. Hope you have a fun Fourth of July weekend. Oooooh, aaaah, oooooh, aaaaah (these are my fireworks for you).