Happy 50th Girl

For those of you who are baby boomers, the song The Girl from Ipanema is 50 years old. If you are younger and have never heard the song you are in for a treat — the rest of us will just chair samba while we listen. I was 8  when this was popular and of course I wanted to be tall and tan and young and lovely but I was short and white and, well 8 so I was young and perhaps cute. I don’t think any of us forgot the song though and this was the look we strived for but, alas, it would not happen. For me it was all part of that desire to be Gidget.  I posted a YouTube video of me talking about this from my If I Don’t Marry Davy Jones I’ll Just Die show.

Apparently The Girl From Ipanema is the second most recorded pop song in history. The first is “Yesterday” which is unfortunate because it is such a beautiful song and I’m sure it has been ruined by so many in so many karaoke bars.

I wrote a parody called “The Guy From Cost Accounting” and if I can find it I’ll record it for you and post it. There’s something to live for.

In the mean time, let’s spend today doing the chair samba and dreaming we are actually on the beach somewhere with COOL breezes and pretty drinks with paper umbrellas and fruit on a stick.  Excuse me while I drift away ….