Happy BD BFF

Happy birthday to my BFF Annie. She is turning 32 today although she doesn’t like to admit how “old” she is getting.

Annie and I met at work and have been friends for over 7 years now. Most Friday nights we get together to play Uno (she beats me 90% of the time), eat some delicious meal I’ve prepared such as Messy Marys (aka Sloppy Joes) and watch a movie. We are Best Friends Forever! This is a picture of us at one of our firm’s holiday parties. Earlier that day we had gone and had manicures so not only do you see our smiling faces but our lovely nails.

Today is also the second to the last night of classes — yippee. I grew tired of this weekly ritual about three classes ago. Don’t tell, but sometimes when I get bored during class I surf the internet. I discovered that if I sit in the last row, way over in the corner, I can actually do anything I want. I use to go to a website that would post what was happening on the elimination round of Dancing With The Stars. I had to stop doing that when Bristol Palin kept getting voted through. Now I just check Facebook and my email.

But my real concern is now that the school year is almost over — will I get asked to the winter dance?