Happy Belated Birthdays

I was scolded by my friends Peter (in the yellow) and Sue S (on the left) for not mentioning their birthdays this year. Their birthdays fell on the weekend and I don’t usually blog on the weekend so by Monday with my ancient memory the glow of their birthday had passed from my mind. Many apologies to both of you — may I now be released from the shame?

Last night I Skyped for 30 minutes with my friend Lori’s grandson Cameron. We sang songs to each other and he told me jokes and it was so much fun. I had to make up songs about a pumpkin, an orange, a tomato — there was definitely a theme going there. Luckily I already knew a song about a watermelon so I didn’t have to hurt my brain too much. I love the way a 4 year old’s mind works.

Well it looks like we are in for some summer weather – I can already feel my poorly cut hair starting to expand (by the way they would not give me a do-over on my hair and so they have lost a customer). Have a good day