Happy Birthday Geri

Today, one of my favorite people in the world, Geri, turns 60. This is a picture of her with her daughters.

Geri and I worked together many years ago (early 90s) at a law firm. We both were in the word processing department. Before Geri started, our supervisor said to me that she was a little concerned about putting Geri and me together. Well she was right. We had way too much fun at work and were often called on the carpet for it. She has more friends than just about anyone I know. At her birthday party last night there were at least 10 people there that she had met on the bus. That’s Geri. While most of us get on the bus, put in our earphones, and bury ourselves in a book or close our eyes, Geri starts talking to the people around her — whether they want to talk to her or not.
I have so many great Geri stories but my favorite one is still one day Geri was walking into work from the parking lot behind the Orpheum Theater. One of our cities upstanding street people had already had a little too much orange juice that morning and came up to Geri. He looks at her and says in a slurred voice “You’re so pretty you deserve a whistle” at which point he tried to whistle but it turned out to be more of a raspberry. OMG, that would only happen to Geri. And then there was one day a couple years ago when I went to pick her up at her condo. She lives on Excelsior Blvd and I was waiting for her across the street. She was standing at the curb waiting for a chance to cross when all of a sudden a Metro Mobility bus pulls up and stops in front of her. They thought she was waiting for her. I thought we were going to hurt ourselves we were laughing so hard.
That’s probably what I love best about Geri, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. When things like this happen she laughs and tells everyone about it.
Happy birthday Geri — and many more.