Happy Birthday Geri

Last night I went to a celebration for my friend Geri’s birthday (which is today). I won’t say which one but she is older than me and that’s what is really important. Okay I’ll give you a hint — if she was dyslexic it would be her 16th birthday. That’s all I’m going to say.

Two of the people at the party were friends she made on the bus — two different routes. That’s Geri — while the rest of us sit on the bus and try to pretend no one else is there, Geri makes friends for life. She has that gift to make friends everywhere. Now at times this is a curse like when she made friends with the guy at the parking lot and then started dating him and he eventually told her he learned all his love making skills from Satan. Or the time she went to a party and ended up driving home in the dead of winter wearing nothing but a shirt and her date’s boxer shorts. Or the time she went on a ski trip with a singles group and some guy kept spying on her from behind a potted plant (and by the way she doesn’t ski). Or the friend who told her that about some worm hole in Mexico and the end of times. Or, or, or …. I could go on and on. Let’s just say Geri has a way with people. So Happy Birthday my friend thanks for letting me be part of your crazy life — I’m enjoying the ride.

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Geri

  1. You are about my age, so do you remember when 61 yr-old grannies wore those frumpy print button-in-the-front house dresses, wore their long straggly gray hair in a poor excuse for a bun, and cut slits in their cloddy old leather shoes to give their corns and bunions relief? Actually I think that was our great-grandmothers, but my point is I would never believe Geri is 61. And isn't it wonderful that we can say and use 'fucking' and even post pics of it and it makes us look cool? We may be living in the best of times for our age.

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