Happy Birthday Harrison

Today is my former boyfriend Harrison Ford’s birthday. This is a picture from my 40th birthday party when my co-workers at Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi cut out pictures of Harrison, put them on a stick, and they all walked down the hall to my desk. It was hysterical. When I left there they hired a Harrison Ford look alike to come to the party. They said it was the only time I was speechless. One of the people in this picture I believe is going to end up on the Supreme Court some day so this will be an exhibit at his hearing!!

So why is he my former boyfriend — well, of course, there is Jack Bauer and if Jack knew about Harrison I think he’d kick his ass. But mostly Harrison left his wife, not for me, but for some young, way-too-thin, thing named Calista. What the heck kind of name is that? Well, that just ended our relationship although if he showed up at my door I wouldn’t turn him away. I have a license plate holder given to me by my co-workers at the Minnesota State Bar Association that says “I HAVE OCHFD” which means “I Have Obsessive Compulsive Harrison Ford Disorder.” One of my neighbors here saw it on my car and Googled OCHFD. She thought I had some rare disease — and according to the recent box office sales I guess I do.