Happy Birthday Sienna

My friend Geri is a Grandma. This is a picture of her daughter Natalie and her granddaughter Sienna. When Geri heard that her daughter was in labor she jumped on a plane and flew to California to be there with her. And she got there just in time. She was talking to Natalie’s husband at the hospital and he asked where are you and she said down the hall. Natalie heard her and started crying she was so happy her mom was there.

Natalie and Robert have gone through a lot in their short time together. He was diagnosed with cancer before they got married but they didn’t let that stop them. They went ahead with the wedding and when they were told that the chances of them having a baby was almost 0% then this little miracle arrived.

I’m so happy for Geri, Natalie, and Robert. They have a lot of joy ahead of them.

I sent them a gift via their Target registry. You can include a card and I wrote something like your daughter will be a joy and blessing until she reaches puberty — that’s a bitch. Well the Target site said I couldn’t send that message because it contained an obscenity. I didn’t realize 1) bitch is an obscenity and 2) Target is a frigid old lady. Oh well, I reworded the note and Target was happy and I was properly chastised.