Happy Birthweek To Me

Yes, today I am 3,000 weeks old. Can you believe it? Seems like only yesterday I was celebrating being 2,000 weeks old. My how time flies.

How do I know I’m 3,000 weeks old? I used a handy dandy birthday calculator I found on the internet.

Let’s see 25 is silver, 50 is gold, I imagine 3,000 would be some sort of ancient treasure like subatomic particles from a distant planet that no longer exists or pearls from the ruins of Atlantis or a Twinkie that I’ve had since second grade.

And speaking of Twinkies … yesterday I was able to buy tickets to one of the yankee games next September. I’m already feeling the loathing bubbling up from my gut — or else it is the taco I had for dinner last night. Either way — I hate those f*#^&*# yankees.

So I’m off to celebrate number 3,000 like its 1,999!!!!!