Happy New Year Part 3


Oh what a hair cut can do to make you feel better. Happy new year to each of you. I hope 2012 is a great year until 12/21/12 when the world is coming to an end — again. But right up to that date I plan to have a good time.

This is my third New Year’s post. Quite proud that I have been blogging for two years on a fairly regular basis (okay sometimes I just vanish but I always return don’t I – kind of like a social disease).

I am proud to continue my traditional resolution of not making resolutions. I have been able to keep that resolution year after year. This is the time of year we all the holiday ads are replaced with weight loss, fitness centers and equipment, and quit smoking ads. Weight Watcher meetings become crowded as do the locker rooms at the various clubs around town. Lean Cuisine goes on sale and they can barely keep baby carrots on the shelves. And fitness DVDs replace the holiday movies. But around Groundhog’s Day everything goes back to normal.

I have one goal this year and that is to go out more. I tend to be a home body and I want to do more with my friends this year. Even though Freckles is campaigning for me to stay home more I want to take more opportunities to get out and be with people (although I have to admit I prefer dogs to most people). I know it will be a slow start because I hate to be out in the cold and snow (and it is cold this morning) but I’m going to work on that. So if you find me just standing outside your home waving at you don’t be surprised — I’m just trying to get out more — and that restraining order will not be necessary (unless you happen to be Keifer Sutherland who is starring in a new TV show starting this month — yippee).

So to start the year right I’m heading out to see The Muppets (again) with my BFF Annie. I love the farting shoes scene.  I am so classy.

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