Happy &*@#* Valentine’s Day

Bitter? Table for one. Bitter?

Sorry folks but this is the worse “holiday” of all. Even if you are in a relationship it’s a terrible holiday because then there’s all this pressure to buy something, and buy something perfect. But, just because it’s a lousy holiday doesn’t mean I can’t get dressed up for it.

Had a fun weekend with my friends (Sue and Peter still are mad I have other friends). But I have to ask, if you order a steak sandwich don’t you expect slices of steak in a bun? Well I went to the Dock restaurant in Stillwater and I got the steak sandwich. It arrived and it had big chunks of steak kind of lined up in a bun — burned steak by the way. How can someone eat that? Oh well, Freckles loved it.

It was so warm yesterday … long walk with Freckles. She and I both were in heaven. I was thinking that in less than 2 months this should hopefully all be nothing but a bad dream. I must warn Mother Nature that if she sends snow in April, the people of Minnesota will make the riots in Egypt look like a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.