Harmon Say It Ain’t So

First off, Blogger was down until a little while ago so I couldn’t post anything earlier — sorry.

This was not what I was going to post but the news that Harmon Killebrew #3 of the Minnesota Twins has entered a hospice care center because he can no longer be treated for esophagus cancer has really touched me. I have a black and white autographed picture of Harmon hanging on the wall in my living room. I remember standing in line at Southdale when I was a kid to meet him and have him sign a picture. He seemed larger to life to me and my brother and all the other kids there. He was Harmon Killebrew.

It’s players like him that make me less fond of today’s players (and owners). Those guys played not just for money, because they didn’t make that much money, they played because they loved the game. I was reading his bio and he made his first major league start 5 days after I was born. I don’t know what that means but I like the fact. I hope his last days are peaceful.