Hirsch vs. Smith

Just a warning … all my pictures came back from the scanning service and now you are going to have to see some of them. Learn to live with it. This is me in front of the statutes of Joseph Smith and some other Smith at the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City. This was my way of telling the Smith Brothers to kiss my ass.

Well Freckles and I are heading off to the vet AGAIN. She has a big lump on her belly. I’m sure it’s nothing serious but I have to have it checked out. Poor Freckles … Poor Checking Account — they are sure taking a beating lately.

Yesterday I packed up and moved my office to another spot at work. I was not created for any kind of manual labor. By the time I left work I was aching and sweating. I am definitely meant to be waited on.

Have a good weekend. I’ll keep you posted on Freckles — and my checkbook.