Honestly? Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars!?! She’s such a good and pure girl now will she only do the fox trot in a turtleneck? Can’t wait to see that train wreck.

Honestly? Men aren’t getting older they are suffering from LowT!?! Women I guess no longer go through menopause — we have LowE!?! (Estrogen for those who need to know).

Honestly? Pawlenty rejected $850,000 for sex education in favor of abstinence only programs!?! How I wish his parents had chosen abstinence. “It’s better to spend no money on sex education if it’s going to have a condom message. You are pouring fuel on the fire” said Tom Prichard, a proponent of abstinence-only sex education.

Honestly? I have to go to work again !?!

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  1. On last season's Dancing With The Stars, Niecy Nash was my favorite. I loved her attitude about being a BBW! I agree with your comment about not knowing the difference between a heifer and a critter that oinks. Sounds like those boys better spend some time in the livestock barn getting acquainted.

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