Hope you had a nice Holimas

 Can you see the family resemblance? You can get one of these t-shirts for yourself and send me your picture.

Hope you had a good Christmas/Holiday — Holimas.  I had a lot of fun, got some very nice gifts, and spent time with people I love. And I game out alive!!! I do believe, however, it will be a long time before I can eat another slice of ham or a cookie. Well at least a day or two.

I have today off and then back to the salt mines — but then another long weekend. That first M-F week is going to be a tough one. Perhaps I need a week of vacation … in the Bahamas … make that two weeks. Of course with the warm weather we’ve been having I really wonder how many people are thinking of heading south. We do know, however, all warm things must come to an end.

I tried to go to a store yesterday — what a silly girl I am. I will try again today. I also have a jug of coins that I need to take in to the bank and cash in. I save my coins all year long — only pay with paper. That’s a trick I heard from Suzi Orman. I usually end up with $300 – $400 of coins. I don’t cash them in until AFTER Holimas so I don’t use it for more “stuff.”

Have a good day. I have to go and see if Freckles is ready to get up yet. Yesterday she stayed in bed until I finally got her up at 10:30!!!! She has an amazing bladder. Just talking about it makes me have to go — AGAIN!!!