Hoppy Easter

You know with this look … I can’t imagine why I never pursued a career as a Playboy Bunny … a demented bunny for sure but still.

Happy Easter. Here in Minneapolis we have a beautiful day. I live near the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis so last night I could hear the Easter eve bells ring every hour and this morning at 8:30 they were ringing as I took Mz. Freckles for a walk in the park. What a great way to start the day.
Now for the family thing … I use to ask my mother “Did we have a really slow milkman or mailman?” because I was sure my brother and I couldn’t come from the same two parents. Even when she was in the hospital dying I had to ask one more time. It made us both laugh – I remember that. But, back to my family. I have been invited to “brunch” at my brother’s home — at 1:00. Who eats brunch at 1:00? And I am willing to bet it will be 2:00. My brother is lucky to have married a woman who shared his slower pace in life. If you invite them over and hope to eat at 6:30 you tell them 5:30. And dinner is almost always served around 8 or 9:00. I think they are doing that New Yorker thing in Minneapolis which is hard on those of us, like me, who are doing that Minneapolis thing.
My favorite Easter memory is when one year my dad put chocolate covered raisins on the carpet in the living room near our Easter baskets and then picked one up, smelled it, popped it in his mouth and said “I hate it when that bunny poops all over the place” and continued to eat the bunny droppings. And people wonder why I turned out the way I did.
Happy Easter!