How Suite It Is?

Well I went to my first Twins game. Well I wasn’t really at the game, I was in a suite. The company I work for was having a client event and I was there to get food and drink for our guests. I really didn’t like being in the suite. I know it was certainly warm, and nice, and you would think it would be fun to be there, but it didn’t feel like being part of the game. You are separate from everyone else. Guarded, and I mean guarded, by people who won’t let the riff-raff in if they don’t have a ticket. They’re the suite nazis – “NO SUITE FOR YOU!”

Perhaps I was just not made for the suite life (sorry I had to say it) but it just didn’t feel like any fun up there in the clouds. I kept think Marie Antoinette was going to come in, look at the masses in the cheap seats, and say “Let them eat cake.” Of course the fact that I was there to serve my master, not to have any fun, may have added to the feeling of the room for me.
I think it’s too bad that pro sports have become about the haves and the have nots. There were always better seats and the bleachers, but this isn’t even close to that. This is about money, that’s all it’s about. If you have it you get to go to special clubs and special places. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since sports is pretty much about money now, but I like to pretend it’s not and unfortunately, at the new Target stadium, you can no longer pretend we are all in this together.
It is, on the other hand, quite an amazing stadium. But since it’s the Target Field I think I should be able to buy some shampoo and toothpaste.