Humidity Hangover

This is how my head feels this morning. Think I need some intensive therapy.

Watched Couple’s Retreat yesterday — don’t waste your time. It had about two moments when it was funny but the rest is so predictable and boring.
Today I’m heading out to the Masonic Home Rehab Center to see my sparents. They let you bring dogs so Freckles will be going with. I’m sure she’ll have a good time. Yesterday I had her in the car when I stopped to get her favorite dog treats at Chuck and Don’s (which I highly recommend). They will let you bring your dog into the store but I never do because I have to literally pull her out of the store. So I had two bags of Charlie Bears and a bag of Bil-Jac training treats that I use to lure her back home when we are at the park. I went from there to the library to drop off some books and when I came back to the car — yes you guessed it — Miss Freckles had torn into the Bil-Jac treat bag and eaten every single treat in there. And when I opened the door and saw the bag laying next to her she just looks up at me like “Hi Mom!” with a big smile on her face. She was so proud of herself. Oh well, I’ve been tempted to do the same thing when I see a bag of chocolate so how mad could I be — it’s instinct.

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