Humiliation on a stick

Yep, it’s Minnesota State Fair time when people gather to eat junk, walk around aimlessly, and eat more junk. Each year my company gives us 1/2 day off and a ticket to the fair, plus a little spending money. They started when we won a contest with the MTC for a poem I submitted. We got 50 tickets to the fair and our own bus. They’ve continued the tradition since then.

Last year I went to the fair to go to the Randy Travis concert. I went on my own because I didn’t know anyone who was as wild about Randy as I am (I now know Peter is as wild about Randy as I am). So I was eating junk and walking around aimlessly when four guys who were probably around 21 and drinking beer started to make fun of me and my size. After so many years of being subjected to that I was kind of use to it so I just kept going but these guys decided to follow me. They were making oinking noises and saying “look out here comes a heffer.” I didn’t think it was worth pointing out that a heffer is a cow and cows don’t oink. Well this continued for quite a while. I finally asked them to stop and leave me alone and it got worse. After about 15 minutes of this I was so upset I turned and went home. Never saw Randy. It was such a horrible time.
So I can’t decide if I want to go back to the fair. I know if I don’t go those a-holes win. I’ll have to think about that one. I’m scheduled to go next Thursday afternoon so I have a week to ponder the decision. Stand by … well don’t just stand there until next Thursday unless you have nothing else to do.

2 thoughts on “Humiliation on a stick

  1. OOH. Have you ever heard of BBW? That's big, beautiful women. And you are that, in and out.
    THANK YOU for the work you do on this blog and the sharing. It's on my facebook site. Next time, take me to the fair. That kind of behavior would stop fast ( I used to flip sheep in the barnyard and that's exactly where I'd have put them – where they belong). Someday soon, those neanderthals will be bald and need Viagra.

  2. Mary, I can't tell you how angry and sad it makes me to hear that story–not only about the guys who thought it was okay to treat you that way, but also the fact that no one else was brave enough to stand up with you and tell them to knock it the #@^& off. I am so sorry that that happened to you.

    I hope you do decide to go back to the Fair this year. And if you go on Thursday, stop by the UMN/health area (I'm not sure exactly where)–I'll be volunteering at the Visible Heart Lab table, and I would love to see you!

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